Tom Campbell Day

Sunday July 14, 2024

If there ever was a “master” of all trades at the Winona County Fair, it is Tom Campbell of the fair’s board of directors. In 2024 the fair board nominated Tom to the Hall of Fame for his hard work and contributions to the Winona County Fair,

Campbell has lived in Winona County all but five years of his life. He and his wife Janet have 3 sons and four grandchildren. The Campbell Farm south of St. Charles was established in 1874 making Tom a 5th generation on the farm and his sons 6th generation farmers. Their business includes cash crop and beef, Campbell Ag Service LLC and Clyde Sand LLC.

In addition to his 14 years on the Winona County Fair Board, Campbell has served on the Saratoga Township Board for 24 years and is the current chairperson of that board. He is also involved with the Moose Lodge and Farm Bureau, and in the past served on boards for Greenway Co-op and Twin Valley Co-op.

Tom notes that he does have hobbies in his “spare time”; including old cars, motorcycle riding, hog and coyote hunting and also includes fairs in his list.

The fair board extends grateful thanks to Campbell for his role in 2023 as supervisor for the construction of the new restroom facility on the Winona County Fairgrounds. For more than a year Tom was involved with planning for the facility  and working with the cement, plumbing, electrical and construction contractors. The project was a great success due to his efforts and long hours, and a facility that was greatly welcomed by visitors to the fairgrounds.