2021 Hall of Fame – Arnold “Dale” Moger

“I like the topography with the rolling hills and valleys, rivers and land that is fertile for farming… I enjoy the 4 seasons,” states Hall of Fame member Arnold “Dale” Moger when asked about his reasons for living in Winona County.

Moger, who lives in Altura, has had a varied background which includes 3 years in the Army, 2 years with Dunn Blacktop, 2 years with IBM and what he says are a few “odd jobs” in between. The career he has been with the longest is 40 years as a dairy farmer in Winona County.

For 58 years Moger has been married to wife Karen, and their family includes 4 children: Wendy, Paul, Randy and Heidi. The family has also expanded over the years to include grandchildren Ian, Marina, Karli, Karson, Ryan, Wyle, Whitney, Renae, Holly, Heather and Halle.

Moger is very involved in his community. He is a charter member of the Altura Lions Club, and over a 37 year span has held multiple positions in that organization. As a member of the Lion’s Club he has been a recipient of the Melvin Jones Award and the Helen Keller Sight Award. Another part of Moger’s club activities has been hosting exchange students and fundraising. He also has served as a trustee of the Jehovah Lutheran Church Council in Altura.

Some of Moger’s past involvements include 15 years as board member of the Plainview Milk Production Association, president of the Winona County Dairy Association, director with Altura State Bank, committee member for D.A.R.E. and committee member of the Lewiston/Altura Farmers Milk Fund. He also notes that over the years he has been involved in 4-H as a shop project leader.

In 1992 the Moger’s received the Winona County Soil and Water Farm Family Award and are also proud to have hosted governmental officials for overnight visits to their farm.